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Welcome Eastern Flight Attendants and congratulations on filing for an election!

Congratulations, we are well on the way to creating our Flight Attendant Union at Eastern Airlines! We are proud to announce that Eastern Flight Attendants far exceeded the majority show of support needed to call for an election. .

Step 1: Authorization Cards signed by an Overwhelming Majority of Eastern Flight Attendants

On Thursday, March 17th, on behalf of Eastern Flight Attendants, filed today for a union representation election. Now we wait for the National Mediation Board (NMB) to officially recognize our application with the majority support necessary for an election.

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Step 2: Management to provide a list of Eastern Flight Attendants to the NMB

The NMB has notified Eastern executives that we have filed for an election. Eastern executives will be required by the NMB to produce the list of eligible voters. The NMB will then compare the authorization cards with the Flight Attendant list and confirm majority support calling for an election.

Remember: Eastern Management never sees your authorization cards. The NMB keeps authorization cards confidential and asks the executives to produce their own separate list of eligible Flight Attendants.

Step 3: Call for election

Once the NMB certifies the authorization cards, a representational election will be announced with election opening and closing dates. The NMB will mail voting information to the address you have on file with Eastern Airlines. The envelope from the NMB will have the information you need to vote YES for Eastern AFA and mail back your ballot.

Step 4: Eastern Flight Attendant Representation

When a majority of Eastern Flight Attendants vote YES for AFA representations, the NMB will issue a certification that legally requires Eastern executives to bargain with Eastern AFA. We, as Eastern Flight Attendants, will then have a legally recognized voice at work to negotiate for job protections and quality of life work rules necessary for long-term and sustainable careers!

Remember, there are NO DUES until we have a RATIFIED CONTRACT.

Now is the time for us as Eastern Flight Attendants; we are right on track to putting our Flight Attendant Union in place, so we can focus on making our airline and our careers as strong and successful as possible. Visit yourafa.org/eastern-airlines-afa.

The Association of Flight Attendants is nearly 50,000 members strong, representing Flight Attendants at 17 airlines. By becoming an AFA member, we will have a vital role in shaping our future. For more than 75 years, AFA has represented Flight Attendants on the job, on Capitol Hill, in the media, and at the bargaining table improving pay, work rules and quality of life. AFA is comprised of Flight Attendants working at charter, mainline, regional, low cost and niche airlines.

When we join together, we amplify our voice and lift the standards for all of us as aviation’s first responders.

In Solidarity,
Eastern AFA

When you join AFA you join hands with almost 50,000 Flight Attendants from 17 airlines throughout our industry. In our union, we work together, amplifying our voices to lift the standards for all Flight Attendants. AFA is recognized as the voice for Flight Attendants on Capitol Hill and in the media all over the world. We have a 70 year history of improving the quality of life for Flight Attendants and our contracts lead the industry. Our union understands better than any other how to negotiate Flight Attendant contracts, enforce them on a daily basis and provide Flight Attendants with the kind of support we need daily in our unique workplace. Our union is responsive to Flight Attendant needs and we will champion your issues.

With AFA you’ll pay no dues until you negotiate and ratify your first contract. Being a part of our AFA family means you have a voice in your workplace. No one knows our job better than we do; that’s why we believe in uniting all Flight Attendants. We are a proud union of Flight Attendants, by Flight Attendants and for Flight Attendants. Every elected position within our union is held by Flight Attendants.

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